“And they lived hapKate Pieper LMFT Couplespily ever after” just doesn’t seem to happen, does it? Having been married for over 35 years and still being in love with my husband and the father of my four children, I know marriage is full of twists and turns. The relationship itself has stressors and sometimes stressors outside the relationship work like termites, attempting to destroy the foundation. If we don’t develop skills and become intentional about keeping our relationship alive and healthy, we can easily become another statistic of a failed marriage.

Many couples find themselves in difficult seasons of a marriage. The hope is the season will pass and the “loving feeling” will return. I help couples who are stuck. I help couples who have lost hope. I help couples who are wondering how to find fun and laughter with their best friend again while their world is full of stressors.

Just as you both are unique– your marriage is unique. The struggles and conflicts can be resolved. Life can return to “reasonably happily ever after.”

Call for an initial consultation to determine if I am the therapist to walk with you as a couple and help you to “find that loving feeling” again.