EMDR Consultation

You’ve completed Part 1 and/or Part 2 of your EMDR training from an EMDRIA Approved Trainer. You’re enthusiastic and just itching to use the skills you have learned in your training. But wait! You realize you need those 10 hours of consultation, not just because the 10 hours are required, but also because you realize EMDR is a tool used with trauma and has powerful attachment and attunement ramifications. You want the support to grow as a therapist to use EMDR with your clients in a secure and safe manner.

Or – You have used EMDR for some time now and found it to be effective and powerful for your clients. You are wanting to grow further in your skill set and become recognized as the expert you are. It is time to pursue Certification or become an Approved Consultant who contributes to the growth of other EMDR therapists. After all, you know you have the experience and knowledge and you know these next steps will help you to continue to grow confident and skilled in your work with clients, as well as within yourself.I have used EMDR since my training with Francine Shapiro in 2007. I am an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and Certified EMDR Therapist who provides quality consultation for therapists wanting to satisfy the 10 sessions necessary to be an EMDR Coach through training. I also offer two-hour consultation groups every other week for those who wish to become EMDR Certified/EMDR Consultants or wish to have support while they learn how to more effectively integrate the skill of EMDR with their clients. Individual consultation is always available, especially for therapists working with first responders or their families.


  • Two-hour group sessions – $75 per person (due prior to the start of the group) – At my office or by Zoom – Maximum of 8 people
    • Group sessions are on the 3rd Wednesdays – from 10 AM to 12 PM
    • To register, just click this link – Wednesday EMDR Consultation Group
    • Payment is $300 paid upfront to secure your spot in the 6-month series or a code will be given to you if you are connected to a trainer I have a contract with.
  • First Responder EMDR Consultation Groups
    • Group sessions are on the first Wednesdays – from 10 AM to 12 PM PST
    • Click here to register – First Responder EMDR Consultation Group
    • Payment is $400 paid upfront to secure your spot for this 8-week series
  • Individual EMDR Consultation Sessions – $100 – At my office or by Zoom

My group and individual consultation will provide the following:

  • Help you to use EMDR effectively in your specific therapeutic process
  • Help you understand the first responder culture and how to use EMDR with First Responders
  • Help you to integrate your current therapy modality with the EMDR process
  • Help will you to use EMDR with clients to overcome blocks in their lives – Executives, Parents, and Teens

I have used EMDR with thousands of clients.  I specialize in counseling those who are first responders and know the appropriate protocols to use with compassion fatigue and post-traumatic injury due to firefighting or law enforcement careers. I have used EMDR effectively with traumatized individuals (both acute and complex) including children, teens, and couples who are wishing to move beyond their hurts.

I am passionate about using EMDR and the profound healing that takes place with my clients. I have also experienced EMDR to be a powerful tool for change in my own life. I would consider it an honor to come alongside you in your growth as an EMDR therapist because I know effectively using EMDR will change the fiber of who you are as a therapist and an individual.

Just like most “power tools,” it is important to have the proper training regarding the integration of EMDR and how to effectively use EMDR with your clients. I will help you to integrate your EMDR training within your treatment plans for your clients. I have 20 years of experience as a therapist and a supervisor and know the power of good supervision and consultation.

My goal is to inspire you as an EMDR therapist to use this amazing tool confidently and effectively with your clients. I look forward to working with you in this exciting part of your career.

Let’s join together to take our clients from Surviving to Thriving!