EMDR Intensives

Sometimes life is too busy and your need for relief is too strong for just weekly sessions. You need some extra time to get through what you have been wanting to get through. The weekly meetings don't feel like enough time to have the break through you need.

I offer EMDR Intensives for those who want to move through the hurdles FAST. My clients often experience relief from their symptoms quicker with an EMDR Intensive than traditional therapy.

The EMDR packages I offer include:

  • A Pre-Intensive consultation to determine the appropriateness for an EMDR intensive. We will determine the goals  you wish to achieve and have you take some tests regarding depression and anxiety.
  • A customized EMDR Intensive workbook designed specifically for you to work on your goals before, during, and after our sessions.
  • A customized program with targeted goals for our time together.  These goals can be relief from anxiety, intrusive memories of traumatic events, or overcoming hurdles in your personal and business life.
  • A Post-Intensive follow-up session to assess your progress and support you as you integrate the changes you experience from our work together
  • The choice of three programsare available: 
    • Package A - Half Day EMDR Intensive (Pre & Post Sessions, 3 Hours Face to Face, Customized Workbook & Testing)
    • Package B - 3-Day Weekday EMDR Intensive (Pre & Post Sessions, 9 Hours Face to Face either in the mornings or afternoon, Customized Workbook & Testing);
    • Package C - 3-Day Weekend Intensive Friday through Sunday or Saturday through Monday (Pre & Post Sessions, 3 Hours Face to Face, Customized Workbook & Testing)
    • Each day includes 3 hours of an Intensive EMDR session
  • Find out rates for EMDR Intensives HERE

Specialized EMDR Intensives for First Responders and Frontline Health workers are available. These packages include trainings on Compassion Fatigue, Post Traumatic Stress Injury and Resiliency Skills. Sometimes your agency and/or foundations will help pay for these services.