It is an honor and a great privilege to speak to communities and organizations about RESILIENCY.

I listen to your specific need and develop a message that will inspire and motivate others to live their lives fully.

I commonly speak to organizations that are in the first responder community, such as law enforcement and firefighters. However, I also enjoy inspiring agencies who are experiencing overwhelm by their jobs. Whether it is compassion fatigue or needing to develop a strategy for work/life balance, I consider it my mission in life to teach about the practice of RESILIENCY.

I integrate humor, life experiences in my own life, and the knowledge I have of working with people from all walks of life, to promote well-being for individuals, communities, and organizations.


  • California District Attorneys Association – “Compassion Fatigue – Putting on Your Emotional Safety Vest”
  • California District Attorneys Association – “Resiliency – Learning to Wobble and Not Fall Down”
  • California Highway Patrol – “The Road to Resiliency”
  • San Jose Police Department – “Mood Disorder Training”
  • Western Seminary – “Tightrope for Teens”
  • Forest Lake Christian School – “The Tightrope Teens are On”


  • Finding Our Way Back To Love – A workshop for couples
  • A Fresh Path – For those who have lost themselves in loving others