My 4 Inspirational Blogs to Inspire and Comfort You

I love to be inspired, don't you? I love to inspire others. But the only way I can inspire others is to be inspired first. Paul talks about comfort in 2 Corinthians 1:3. He goes about basically saying, "We comfort from the comfort we have been comforted with." [caption id="attachment_974" align="alignleft" width="150"]black-and-white-waves-close-up-view-circle More comfort for your heart[/caption]

Do you know what that means?

That means I want to learn from those who have felt the pain. I want to learn from those who have dared to feel pain - Been vulnerable - Received comfort.

When I think about leaders I want to follow and be inspired by, I think about leaders who have felt pain and learned.

I want to share 4 Inspirational Blogs with you today from some of my favorite leaders. The theme today is growing and being yourself. Because being yourself is important. It is our God-given purpose. If your heart is beating, you have a unique voice to offer to our world. I hope you will be comforted and inspired by the following blogs. Just click on each title-link and be inspired!

1. Donald Miller - "I Don't Worship God By Singing. I Connect With Him Elsewhere"

Donald talks about his uniqueness of how he himself worships as compared to other people. In this post, he shares how he is a different type of learner. He is a kinesthetic learner. He talks about how this effects his ability to worship and how accepting this about himself has freed Donald up to truly worship. As Donald says, "I believe the church is all around us. Not to be confined to a particular tribe."

2. Michael Hyatt - "Find Your Mountain"

Michael speaks about how he found himself uninspired and disconnected from himself. Michael describes his choosing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in order to get his mojo back. He remembers being on the mountain and saying to himself, "It’s great to be back in the trenches!"

3. Ann Voscamp - "3 Words To Arrest That Comparison Thief That's Robbing You of Joy"

Ann talks about a little girl who was concerned about being able to get through her sister's birthday without jealousy or envy. I love Ann's writing. I love her pictures. I am inspired by her. This blog is beautiful as she inspires us to embrace the truth of "I Get Enough." I love that she tackles the lie of scarcity most of us struggle with today.

4. Shauna Niequist - "You're Never Going To Be Fully Ready"

Shauna Niequist shares the beauty of never being ready to move ahead. And yet, as Shauna says, "Forward Motion Creates Stability." She talks about moving forward with our dreams and plans regardless of our fear of doing it perfectly. In her final words, "Here’s to paddling imperfectly—badly, even. It’s what keeps us afloat." I am inspired by Niequist's words.

 My Encouragement to you:

Whether you are daring something new or getting your mojo back or accepting yourself - Be inspired! I hope you will be inspired by those I have been inspired by. I pray if you are struggling today, you will be comforted.

Who has inspired you lately? Who has inspired you in the past?

 Of course the above is not professional counseling of any kind. It is simply words to inspire. You can contact me at 530-268-3558 or at if you are needing professional counseling.